2nd Annual Leadership Institute for Faith and Education Convening 2019


Mon - Wed, Oct 28 to Oct 30, 2:00pm - 1:00pm


Harvard Graduate School of Education


** Special note: Registration is free! To keep the convening affordable dinner will be provided on Wednesday night, however, all other meals are not included. Please keep this in mind when preparing for your time at the 2019 LIFE Convening. 

Our two - day October Convening (starting  on Oct 28th and ending on Oct 30th) will bring together education and faith-based leaders to connect with each other, share knowledge and expertise, and discuss the latest developments in the work of bringing schools together with faith-based organizations to improve student outcomes.



We are acutely aware that almost everyone who comes to LIFE is an expert at some aspect of faith and/or education, so we'd love to learn from YOU! During our convening, we will be holding a two-hour "unconference," which will consist of three or four rotations of 30-minute workshops that are generated and led by YOU, the LIFE attendees.  The "unconference" is not meant to solicit business or to sale you anything; rather our "unconference" will provide you with a menu of interesting topics that are based on the real life work of your colleagues from around the country. The best part is that very little is predetermined: YOU get to curate the content you consume and if you find that the session you have chosen isn't what you need, then we encourage you to leave and join another session. No hard feelings. That's the beauty of an "unconference." But first, we need YOU to submit the topic that YOU feel best equipped to lead. Without you stepping up to lead a session, the "unconference" just won't work. The topics that garner the most interest on the day of the event will be the ones that make it into the rotation. This the principle of supply and demand, and it's the ultimate networking and information sharing opportunity.  So ... what topic will you be addressing for 30-minutes at LIFE?

Please submit your workshop topic below, and one of our LIFE team members will be in touch with you to let you know if your role and topic was selected in the LIFE "unconference" or to ask clarifying questions about your idea.

Unconference Submission Form



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To learn more, please contact life.gse@gmail.com